Government to launch frameworks for COI replacement

The Government Communications Centre, which has replaced the Central Office for Information, is set to launch a series of frameworks covering disciplines including creative services and delivery and execution.


Source: Alan Cleaver

The GCC was set up in April, after the COI was officially shut down. The GCC has taken over many of the co-ordinated central Government services previously handled by the COI.

The GCC is also responsible for operating the design frameworks that were previously held by the COI. Work will be commissioned from the GCC through a series of cross-departmental marketing and communications hubs.

The GCC is set to publish a series of frameworks through OJEU in July and September, covering creative services – which includes design, delivery and execution, market research, communications planning and strategy and planning. The awards will be announced in September and November.

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, which has been briefed by the GCC, says the new frameworks will create ‘a centralised model of communications which will deliver joined-up thinking and integrated solutions on Government comms planning and more agile and accessible procurement arrangements for suppliers’.

The IPA says Government is also launching a new ‘dynamic route to market’, which will allow access to Government work up to the value of £100 000 without the need to go through the OJEU procurement process.

These opportunities will be advertised through Contracts Finder.

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