How has your studio been designed?

Google’s London head office has been redesigned with a playful feel. How has your studio been designed to ensure a positive working environment?

Adam Giles

‘We’re situated in a grand old building – the Hop Exchange at Borough Market – but the studio space itself is tiny, so we’re limited to what we can do with our environment. What we do have is windows. Huge, beautiful, arched windows. So when we moved in just over a year ago, it seemed like the perfect canvas to decorate and create an inspirational environment (as well as offering us some privacy). We collaborated with supremely talented illustrator Jiro Bevis to create our “Big Bang” stained glass (see below). From the outside it looks like something spectacular is happening within, which inspires us to make it happen.’

Adam Giles, co-founder, Interabang

Interabang windows
Jon Lee

‘The positive effect our studio refurbishment has had since completion has been profound for our staff and clients alike. A reception wall adorned with personally treasured objects and a Dear Ingo chandelier from Moooi welcome you through our doors with a statement of fantastic design, giving you an instant taste of 20.20’s values and inspiration. We have two new bright and efficient meeting rooms – Mott and Dooling – named after our equally bright and efficient founders. Our working space is open and social; the studio is now perfect for cultivating ideas and creativity, but feeling the lack of a secret garden we took the initiative to buy a mini eco-system where we can also grow cress!’

Jon Lee, creative director, 20.20

Anil Pillai

‘Our working space is designed to encourage blending. Blending is fundamentally connected to a culture of openness and collaboration. It’s all about casting the right people and orchestrating their talents so that the outcome takes our clients further on their digital journey. Businesses that have people sitting in their own cocoons can never operate in a blended way. Our Old Truman space includes break-out areas where teams can work collaboratively on problems. This creates a kind of always-on digital workshop where good ideas can come from anywhere. It’s all about creating an energetic environment that is in a constant state of evolution. We’re very proud of the fact that all our offices are hubs for collaboration, debate, thinking and discussion.’

Anil Pillai, UK chief executive, LBi

Dave the Gnome

‘We have a lovely studio in Greenwich. It’s on the outskirts of London so we get a lot more ground for our pound. We’ve kitted it out like you’d expect: open-plan, wooden floors, lots of light, pool table, tea urn etc. More unusually, we’ve also devoted a lot of space to an indoor garden with a fishpond and fountain, surrounded by a picket fence. I feed the fish, tend the lawn, and trim the hedging.’

Dave the Gnome, head gardener, Cog Design 

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