LFH rebrands Tia Maria

LFH has rebranded liqueur Tia Maria, aiming to communicate ‘passion and sensuality.’

New Tia Maria bottle design
New Tia Maria bottle design

The consultancy was appointed to the project by brand owner Illva Saronno following a three-way pitch against Design Bridge and an Italian consultancy, according to LFH.

The new positioning aims to ‘tap into today’s growing trend for cocktails’ and open the brand up to new audiences, according to LFH.

The crest has been added to the front of the bottle in order to better communicate the heritage and Caribbean history of Tia Maria, which was originally made in Jamaica.

The Tia Maria word mark has also been redrawn and the black and red colour palette has been maintained, though the red is now more prominent and used in ‘swathes’ to ‘communicate passion and sensuality’ and nod to a pirate-like look, according to LFH.

Chrissy Levett, LFH creative director, says, ‘Our challenge was to give Tia Maria an exciting new visual identity which would portray the irresistible allure of the product’s promise and its 17th-century Caribbean recipe, as well as the sensuality of drinking this rich and exotic liqueur.’

The branding aims to broaden the appeal of Tia Maria, which is perceived as ‘something drunk only after dinner and at Christmas time, particularly by women aged 35-49 +’, according to the brand.

Fabio Boldini, head of marketing for spirits at Illva Saronno, says, ‘We asked LFH to create a new look which reflects this new positioning and will attract a whole new generation who want to enjoy Tia Maria in a different way.’

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