MediaCityUK Studios rebranded as Dock 10

The Studios, at Salford development MediaCityUK, has rebranded as Dock 10, with the new identity created by London-based consultancy You.

Dock 10 identity
Dock 10 identity

Dock 10 is an independent business that offers a series of studios and post-production and media services. It is used by the BBC, ITV, Sky and other broadcasters.

Dock 10 commercial director Ian Munford says the name ‘The Studios’ was only ever intended to be temporary.

Dock 10 identity
Dock 10 print collateral

The Dock 10 name has been chosen as the original plans for the Manchester Shipping Canal showed plans to build a ‘Dock 10’ near the site of the studios.

The logo itself is an evolution of the shape of the original plans for Dock 10. You says it has also based the branding around the core themes of ‘connectivity’ and ‘flow’.

Dock 10 identity
Original map for the Manchester Ship Canal

You says the website has also been built with the idea of flow at its heart.

Phil Clark, creative director at You, says, ‘This is a very distinctive and unique style that was designed to create standout in the broadcasting industry.’

Dock 10 identity
Dock 10 website

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