New club 2&8 launches in Mayfair

Mystery has designed the branding and interiors for new Mayfair club 2&8, founded by former managers of west end club Boujis.

The branding shown as a trompe l'oeil descending the stairs
The 2&8 branding shown as a trompe l’oeil descending the stairs

The club is housed in the basement of private members club Morton’s on Berkeley Square, and uses a design that celebrates ‘mid-century glamour’, according to Mystery.

The consultancy began work on the project in June this year, following a recommendation from a pervious client. It was tasked with creating interiors that were ‘hardwearing but glamourous.’

Dan Einzig, founder of Mystery, says, ‘The original brief was to do something modern and contemporary, but as we started the process we decided that we wanted to created something sophisticated, timeless and elegant, but hardwearing.’

The club interiors
The 2&8 club interiors

He adds, ‘The name, 2&8, reflects the idea of getting in a bit of a state and having a real party. The attitude is very “rip it up and go crazy” – it feels more naughty doing that in an environment that looks sophisticated, and like you’re not meant to do that.’

The interiors feature a number of photographs by fashion photographer Norman Parkinson, grandfather of 2&8 co-founder Jake Parkinson-Smith, framed by bespoke beveled mirror frames. Mystery created a moulded ceiling and menus that light up when opened, creating lighting features for the predominantly gold and black space.

A render of the space showing the gold-lit bar area
A render of the 2&8 space showing the gold-lit bar area

Other features include black stained parquet flooring and wood-paneled walls and a ‘Daddy table’, which can be booked for special events.

The branding uses a gold and black marque, with the 2&8 created to look as though it descends a staircase, to reflect the club’s basement site.

Einzig says, ‘It had to fit in with the idea of being in the basement of Morton’s – we didn’t want it to clash too much with the existing branding, but wanted to compliment it with the fun of 2&8.’

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