The 2012 Design Week Awards winners

All the winners from the 2012 Design Week Awards.

Best of show

White Logistics and Storage rebrand, by The Allotment

Winner: White Logistics and Storage Rebrand, by The Allotment

The Allotment’s rebranding of White Storage has seen the client’s business completely transformed. The rebrand is brilliantly conceived, has a strong sense of humour and is elegantly executed.

The straightforward nature of the White Logistics comes through in the black-and-white palette, the visual pun of the overhead view of the lorry adds levity to the identity and the Problem? Solved! branding position is expressed in a series of puzzle teasers on the White trucks.

Whiel the project was judged solely on its design and execution, it’s notable that the rebrand, which was part of the Design Council’s Designing Demand programme, led to £500 000 of new business in six months.

The judges said: A brave and innovative branding solution, brilliantly thought through and elegantly executed.

Identity Design

White Logistics and Storage rebrand, by The Allotment

Winner: White Logistics and Storage Rebrand, by The Allotment

White Logistics is a family-owned, medium-sized haulage business based in the West Midlands. As part of the Design Council’s Designing Demand programme, The Allotment was briefed to rebrand the company to help grow their business. The consultancy created a black-and-white identity which uses an overhead representation of a lorry. It also developed the Problem? Solved! proposition which was expressed as a series of puzzle teasers on White trucks.

The judges said: Radical and gorgeous, this project creates a richer brand world and shows the power of design to do transformational work.

Action on Hearing Loss identity, by Hat-Trick Design

Highly commended: Action on Hearing Loss identity, by Hat-Trick Design

Hat-Trick was commissioned to rebrand the RNID as Action for Hearing Loss in anticipation of its centenary in 2011. Working with strategic consultancy Spencer du Bois, copywriter Nick Asbury and the charity’s in-house team, Hat-Trick created a brand that would mark the charity’s shift towards a more campaigning stance, with the underline/strikethrough design centred on the idea of underlining the positive and striking through the negative.

The judges said: In an overwhelmingly strong category, the judges felt this came very close to the top spot. A cohesive brand identity and an example of turning something into a positive.

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Brand campaigns

Puma Mar Mostro, by GBH

Winner: Puma Mar Mostro, by GBH

GBH created the graphics and livery for Puma’s Mar Monstro yacht, which competed in the 2011 Volvo Ocean Race. The consultancy’s hand-painted livery of a monster and water was developed to appear to come alive when the boat connects with the ocean at speed. As well as the livery, GBH worked on supporting collateral including footwear and apparel with added grip, a storybook and children’s products developed around the Marmo character, posters, and an origami boat/hat that could be worn at race villages.

The judges said: Puma does it yet again, but even more so. Surprising and unabashed madness.

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Print communications

Almost Extinct, for BBC Wildlife Fund, by The Chase

Winner: Almost Extinct, for BBC Wildlife Fund, by The Chase

The Chase was briefed to create an awareness campaign for the BBC Wildlife Fund that would convey the issue of the large variety of species which become extinct each year. The consultancy developed a calendar, which would be sent out on 1 January with a red pen and would prompt the recipient to cross out a different species every day of the year.

The judges said: A perfect piece of graphic design. Says the most with the least and appeals to everyone.

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Retail interiors

Roca London Gallery, by Zaha Hadid Architects

Winner: Roca London Gallery, by Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Architects was commissioned to develop a versatile space for bathroom brand Roca, which would showcase the company and its products. The design is based around a flowing, all-white space made of faceted GRG panels, from which flow a series of semi-open zones for product displays and a meeting room space that incorporates interactive technologies and audiovisual resources.

The judges said: We have a lot of respect for the client on this project. Completely immersive, beautiful design. Incredibly ambitious, brave and inspiring.

Mulberry Bond Street, by Universal Design Studio

Highly commended: Mulberry Bond Street, by Universal Design Studio

Universal Design Studio says it based the designs of Mulberry’s flagship London store around the concept of the English landscape. The aim was to create an informal, meandering space punctuated by areas of high interest and intensity. The designs use open space and a raw concrete floor to provide a canvas for features such as handmade floor tiles by Jonathan Ellery and an 8.7m-long polished brass cash desk.

The judges said: An example of creative thinking and the use of beautiful craft materials.

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Stina, for Jako Vino, by Brandoctor and Bruketa Zinic OM

Winner: Stina, for Jako Vino, by Brandoctor and Bruketa & Zinic OM

Croatian consultancies Brandoctor and Bruketa & Zinic were tasked with creating packaging for Stina wine, from the island of Brac in Dalmatia. Brac is known for its white stone and for being the birthplace of famous artists. The wine-bottle label represents a block of stone, inviting the drinker to create their own artwork.

The judges said: A project that celebrates the creative history of the brand’s origin. It has cleverly depicted the white stone of the island through the use of a simplistic label design, allowing the consumer a creative and unique experience.

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Retail point-of-sale

Images through scent

Winner: Molton Brown Navigations Through Scent, by Fitch

Molton Brown briefed Fitch to develop designs to support the launch of its new artisan fragrance range, the Navigations Through Scent collection. The consultancy developed a series of illustrations capturing the essence of the fragrances, representing origin, personality, mood and ingredients. These were applied to point-of-sale collateral including posters, postcards and blotter cards.

The judges said: A massive step forward for the brand. Stunning illustrations, detailing and layering. Compelling storytelling.

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Hospitality and workplace interiors

Yotel New York, by Rockwell Group in collaboration with Softroom

Winner: Yotel New York, by Rockwell Group in collaboration with Softroom

The reception of this hotel features a robotic baggage drop-off and electronic check-in kiosks, while touchscreen areas in the fourth-floor public spaces provide information as well as linking to a retail component. The hotel has a 2000m2 outdoor terraced lounge, the largest in Manhattan, which is lined with bamboo trees and boasts private cabins. Guest rooms feature beds that transfer into lounging position at the touch of a button as well as Techno Wall that houses a flat-screen television and storage components.

The judges said: Mind-blowing. Complete innovation throughout that challenges convention.

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Writing for design

Cabinet, for Plymouth University Faculty of Arts, by Buddy Creative

Winner: Cabinet, for Plymouth University Faculty of Arts, by Buddy Creative

Buddy Creative was tasked with created a brand identity for Cabinet, an exhibition of works by 12 architects and designers given unprecedented access to the archives and collections of Plymouth City Museum. The consultancy developed the concept of a red ‘X’ that was printed over the top of different stereotypical public perceptions, challenging the viewer at each touchpoint.

The judges said: Striking, single-minded graphic voice that has been used to great effect.

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Service Design

Relative Friends, by Thinkpublic

Winner: Relative Friends, by Thinkpublic

Think Public launched the Relative Friends social venture with an aim to tackle issues of loneliness in the UK, and associated problems around loss of identity and poor mental health. The service design combines hosted social events with a safe online social networking environment and features bright, fun and cheeky branding.

The judges said: Well-thought-through, clear and smart. Service design with real intent. Clever thinking that has an impact on people’s lives and community as a whole.

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Product design

iPad Smart Cover, by Apple

Winner: iPad Smart Cover, by Apple

The iPad Smart Cover protects the iPad 2 while also folding out into a stand for typing or viewing videos. It features a soft microfibre lining that helps clean the screen, as well as a self-aligning magnetic hinge that makes it easy to attach and remove. The Smart Cover automatically wakes the iPad 2 when opened and puts it to sleep when closed.

The judges said: A lot of thought and energy has gone into making something simple and effective. Phenomenal – clever, functional and elegant.

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Tip Ton, for Vitra, by Barber Osgerby

Winner: Tip Ton, for Vitra, by Barber Osgerby

Tip Ton is a solid plastic chair with a forward-tilt action that allows to tilt forward from an upright position towards a table or desk. Unique floor skids were developed to allow this action, which the designers say increases blood flow and oxygen supply to the body, which in turn enhances concentration. The chair is long-life, recyclable and weighs 4.5kg.

The judges said: Elegant. Simple insight; complex but elegantly resolved geometry. Clearly developed through lots of time and effort. A simple outcome that almost creates a new archetype.

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Exhibition Design

Comedy Carpet, for Blackpool Council, by Gordon Young and Why Not Associates

Winner: Comedy Carpet Blackpool, for Blackpool Council, by Gordon Young and Why Not Associates

Artist Gordon Young and consultancy Why Not Associates worked to develop a granite and concrete ‘carpet’ featuring more than 160 000 individually-cut letters, to sit in front of Blackpool Tower. The work aims to celebrate Blackpool’s comedy heritage and features catchphrases and gags from comedians including George Formby, Tommy Cooper, Victoria Wood and The Mighty Boosh. The £2.6 million Comedy Carpet was commissioned by Blackpool Council and funded by The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment.

The judges said: Highly ambitious. A display of culture and context and a great way to engage people. A project that transforms a place into a destination.

The Darkroom, for Nederlands Fotomuseum, by Kossman dejong

Highly commended: The Darkroom, for Nederlands Fotomuseum, by Kossman.dejong

Dutch consultancy Kossman.dejong was appointed to work on De Donkere Kamer (The Darkroom), the first permanent display about Dutch photography in The Netherlands. The exhibition is in a 250m2 space in the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. The exhibition space features some 50 develoing trays basking in red light, as well as a light wall opposite the entrance that looks like a large strip of negatives. Visitors can ‘activate’ stories by putting a white sheet in one of the developing trays.

The judges said: Highly inventive, cleverly interactive and tremendous fun.

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Merchant Square Installation, for European Land, by Bostock and Pollitt

Winner: Merchant Square Installation, for European Land, by Bostock and Pollitt

Bostock and Pollit was tasked to develop a system that would help European Land sell its Merchant Square development, in London’s Paddington, to prospective tenants. The consultancy developed a number of illustrations that would transform the space into a ‘gallery’. It also used live-edge perspex and created a bespoke lighting system for dramatic impact.

The judges said: Very intelligent design which uses a lateral approach to solve a problem. Very delighful and we loved the simplicity of the translucent materials.

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Self-promotional projects

The Fox with the Golden Fur, by Ultra Creative

Winner: The Fox with the Golden Fur, by Ultra Creative

The Fox With the Golden Fur is a storybook and paper-cut shadowbox with illustrations on custom chocolate wrappers. Ultra Creative says the work is influenced by the current trend for fantasy and fairytale in popular culture. The consultancy says, ‘The exercise is focused on working within long-standing constraints: make it interactive, make it relevant, and make it hold one pound of chocolate.’

The judges said: In a hotly debated sector where there is an increased influx of digital, this stood out from the digital wall. Tactile and a celebration of craft.

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Editorial design

The Hand Written Letter Project, for the National Literacy Trust and KK Outlet, by Music

Winner: The Hand Written Letter Project, for the National Literacy Trust and KK Outlet, by Music

The Hand Written Letter Project, which began in 2007, seeks to gather the thoughts of designers and creative thinkers on the demise of the creative word. Contributors were invited to send in their thoughts in hand-written form and on their stationery. The book presents these letters as individual leaves and has incorporates numerous actual letterheads as well as reproductions on a multitude of stocks.

The judges said: A real labour of love. Collecting and curating materials and making something from it.

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Interactive design

Adidas Virtual Footwear Wall and AdiZero miCoach F50 Campaign, by Start JudgeGill

Winner: Adidas Virtual Footwear Wall and AdiZero miCoach F50 Campaign, by Start JudgeGill

Start JudgeGill created retail experience the Adidas Virtual Footwear Wall, which allows 4000 Adidas shoes to be displayed in a single store, using technology including gender-sensing cameras, realtime-rendered footwear models with full 3D interaction and immersive sound. The wall was used to launch the new adiZero miCoach F50 boot, which went on pre-order exclusively though the wall in the Adidas Oxford Street store in London. Customers were connected to a private online hub and could pick up the boot in an invitation-only handover event at the store.

The judges said: This project perfectly embodies what digital and interactive can offer a global brand like Adidas. Connects retail design and ecommerce seamlessly.

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App design

Sky News for iPad, by Sky Creative

Winner: Sky News for iPad, by Sky Creative

Sky’s in-house team Sky Creative was tasked with developing an interactive video news iPad app, which would feature breaking news, live video and rich, visual storytelling. The app is built around live events and breaking news displayed chronologically on a timeline that is updated minute-by-minute throughout the day. New technology developed by Sky allows users to rewind live video to the start, even if the app was not active when the event commenced.

The judges said: Interactive news doesn’t feel like a second-best experience compared to TV news. It’s a new way to consume news broadcasting. It brings the typical two-screen viewing to a one-screen interactive experience.

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Broadcast Design

Discovery Channel Refresh, by Discovery UK Creative Agency

Winner: Discovery Channel Refresh, by Discovery UK Creative Agency

Discovery UK’s in-house team was tasked with refreshing the Discovery Channel brand to better appeal to ABC1 men, after research concluded that they found the existing identity too cold and not ‘celebratory’ enough. The team developed a new mark based around the ‘D’ of Discovery, and replaced its previous blue branding with a 3D environment as well as making bigger and bolder use of the channel’s Gothic font. The refresh was rolled out across the UK, Western Europe and Asia Pacific.

The judges said: A beautiful ident which encapsulates the brand. A polished, crafted piece of work which captures the brief simply. It makes you want to discover more.

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Rising star

Joonho Kwon

Winner: Joonho Kwon

Joonho Kwon graduated from the Royal College of Art’s Communication Design course last year after initial studies in South Korea. He has completed placements with Sparks Studio, Jonathan Barnbrook and Why Not Associates and also exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery and Seoul Design Week. He works across print, installations and 3D work and says, ‘I have focused on and researched two fundamental questions, “How is culture created in a society”? and “How can the public be involved in forming their own cultural identity?”.

The judges said: HIs work is a celebration of diversity – fresh and new. He has a strong multi-disciplinery approach and is remorseless in his efforts to try everything.

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