Together brands Parents’ Week

Together Design has created a new identity and campaign material for Parents’ Week, an initiative run by the Family & Parenting Institute.

Parents' Week identity
Parents’ Week identity

Parents’ Week runs this week, until 28 October, and is based on the theme Make A Moment, aiming to be ‘a celebration of those moments that make being a parent and being a child so worthwhile’.

Emily Penny, brand planner at Together, says, ‘In previous years the focus of Parents’ Week was to engage with family practitioners – ie those that work professionally or voluntarily to support families in locations such as Sure Start centres.

‘This year, the objective was to engage with the wider public, so they needed a design for this purpose.’

Parent's Week campaign work
Parent’s Week campaign work

The main identity uses the Make A Moment strapline, while campaign material uses the phrase I Love It When We… which can be matched to different activities.

Michael Connellan of the Family & Parenting Institute says, ‘We needed a logo that resonated with parents.’

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