Domenico Del Priore opens Glasgow eatery

Architect turned restaurateur Domenico Del Priore unveils his first restaurant, delicatessen and shop today in Glasgow.

Cookie features interior design by Del Priore and graphics by Conzo, a Glasgow street artist who works in pen and ink.

Conzo is designing the restaurant facade and has made labels for Cookie’s debut house wines. He has also created designs for bags and T-shirts to be sold in the shop.

The restaurant interior features a green laminate floor, grey walls and extensive use of blackboard paint on the walls, on which customers will be able to write and draw.

Cookie will feature Tom Dixon chairs and Ryan Frank stools, while Vienna-based kitchen design group Cuka has supplied five bespoke tables in grey with salmon-pink flecks.

Del Priore, who owns an architectural practice in Italy, hopes that this will be the first of several Cookie restaurants in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

‘I am trying to create a good place, where you can chat with the people who work here,’ says Del Priore.

In the new year, Del Priore and Cookie head chef Iain Walker hope to set up cooking classes for the local community, including children. They also intend to provide a daily lunch service for school children, who could drop their lunchboxes off at the restaurant to be filled on a daily basis.

Cookie opens its doors for viewing by the local community today, and hopes to start taking customers next week.

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