Virgin Atlantic opens luxury Gatwick Clubhouse

Virgin Atlantic is opening a new Clubhouse at Gatwick airport designed by FD Architecture in collaboration with the airline’s in-house design team

The facility, which follows a Heathrow Clubhouse co-designed with Softroom which opened in 2006, features a Cowshed spa and rock garden, a restaurant and lounge boasting Pearson Lloyd’s Turtle chairs, and a family lounge with Guitar Hero and Wii zones. The 795m2 lounge has seating for 130 passengers.

Joe Ferry, head of design at Virgin Atlantic, says this is the first time the airline has worked with FD Architecture. ‘We like to use a number of external consultancies in order to reinvigorate our in-house designers,’ he adds.

Ferry says that the Gatwick Clubhouse has a ‘breakfast-y, family feel’, in order to cater for the airport’s passengers, who predominantly travel in the morning, and for leisure.

Jeremy Brown, senior design manager at Virgin Atlantic, says, ‘A challenging brief has been answered by providing the relaxation of a Sunday morning, whether it’s a secluded, luxurious area to relax in and enjoy the wonderful service and views, or a haven of tranquility to allow our passengers to be pampered before boarding their flight.’

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  • Anees Uddin November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Looking at the picture above and hoping not to sound too cynical, is that really luxury. The interior design doesn’t suggest anything like Luxury. Perhaps they’ll add the value required through services?

  • Billie Jo November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I must agree, luxury wasn’t the word I was looking for either.

    It represents how interior design should not be done.

    The bagging on material on the Brown Turtle Chair nearest to us all is a outrage..

    Badly placed scatter cushions… Very 70s and brings to mind a outdated cinema foyer, very pulp fiction and 15 years of the mark

    I do so hope the view is eye pleasing.

  • Nickolas Jo November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I’ve used this lounge this week and I have to say that the design is truly beautiful. The service was exceptional and I love the fact that Virgin are supporting british designers and other British companies like cowshed.

    Keep flying the flag!

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