Carter Wong rebrands Norton Motorcycles

Carter Wong has designed a new identity for Norton Motorcycles in the consultancy’s first project as brand guardian for the British motorbike brand.

The consultancy was involved in the branding of a special-edition Bremont Norton watch in January and approached Norton Motorcycles on the back of that project.

The Norton company was founded in 1898 and a marque – which can be traced back to 1913 – is believed to have been developed by founder James Landsdowne Norton.

Company owner Stuart Garner acquired the rights to the brand in 2008 and has set up with the intention of building new bikes. ‘It’s not just a heritage brand and they have plans to go forward, so we had to reflect that,’ says Phil Carter of Carter Wong Design, who has sought to strip back additions which had crept into the marque over the years.

‘With some careful detailing and judicious crafting we retained all the positive and ownable assets of the logo as it stood but did away with awkward shapes, nuances and curves that had appeared over time,’ he says.

The main change has involved doing away with the double crossing of the letter ‘t’. Now the ‘t’ is crossed by the ‘dynamic swoosh’ from the ‘n’, which Carter says brings the design closer to the original.

Carter Wong will now work on a new website for Norton Motorcycles as it looks to release more bikes and start a racing team – for which the consultancy will be involved in the graphic design of the bike livery.

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