It’s electric

With Christmas rapidly approaching, just what do you get that eco-friendly, time-scarce, London-loving relative? Well, if you’ve got a spare £12 995, we have the solution.

Multidisciplinary art and design collective Container Plus has redesigned the ‘Goin Green’ electric car, the G-Wiz, with a thoroughly Metropolitan twist.

Top view of the London G-Wiz
London G-Wiz at St Paul’s

The limited edition design for the imaginatively named London G-Wiz commemorates the vehicle’s close association with London, and features many of the city’s most famous landmarks, including the London Eye, Routemaster bus and iconic red telephone booth.

Luise Vormittag of Container Plus, says, ‘To us London has always felt like a kaleidoscope of the incongruous and the ludicrous. The new never really obliterates the old; instead everything balances on top of each other precariously.

Top view of the London G-Wiz
Top view of the London G-Wiz

‘So many stories intersect in this city, millions of people – all building a version of their own reality. A topsy-turvy city, eccentric, outrageous and utterly delightful..’

Rudi Schogger, managing director of Goin Green, says, ‘Having already done two design collaborations with Eley Kishimoto and Ella Doran, we thought it about time that we commissioned a design to seal the relationship between G-Wiz and London’.

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