Onedotzero links with Wieden & Kennedy for awards scheme

Moving image festival Onedotzero has opened with an announcement from creative director Shane Walter that a partnership has been forged with ad group Wieden & Kennedy. 

Prompted by the onset of Arts Council funding cuts, the partnership is initiating an awards scheme in a bid to ‘protect’ interactive arts.

Onedotzero and Wieden & Kennedy will drive The Interactive Arts Transvision Award, meriting interactive installations for ‘design innovation and artistic excellence’, says Onedotzero creative director Shane Walter.

Focusing on new forms of digital engagement, the award will honour and showcase ‘new ways for audience and artist to relate to each other’, according to Wieden & Kennedy creative director Andy Cameron.

The awards are being conceived with a global reach and are likely to have just one category, which will be shortlisted before a winner is announced. Walter would like it to be held in the run-up to next year’s Onedotzero. Both companies are now actively seeking support from partners. 

Wieden & Kennedy was commissioned to design the Onedotzero identity in 2009 – a moving marque composed of live conversation feeds from blogs and social media.

Onedotzero is running until 14 November at the BFI, London SE1.

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