Studio Six works on Nectar points e-store

Studio Six has created a new online campaign for Nectar to engage customers during the Christmas period.

The consultancy has been working on the development of Nectar’s brand experience and was appointed to design the online Christmas pages in the summer following a credentials-led pitch.

Studio Six was briefed to create pages for the Christmas e-store that increased retention of customers and loyalty to Nectar’s partners during the busy Christmas trading period, says a Studio Six spokeswoman.

She adds, ‘We used the snow globe because it’s both Christmas-y and is about keeping everything in one place. It’s a one-stop-shop and a safe pair of hands.’

When customers visit the Nectar Christmas store online, they can choose from eight retail categories to access relevant partners. As users hover their mouse over a category, the objects inside the snow globe change to relevant items, such as a Buzz Lightyear toy for the Kids Toys category.

Studio Six has also created a version of the e-store for the period directly after Christmas, when the snow globe will be switched with sale bags, says the spokeswoman.

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