Laser Cat is going to Miami (meowmi?)

Bonkers Barcelonians Hungry Castle have had a pretty wild year.

Laser Cat
Laser Cat

Now that they’ve successfully made Lionel Richie’s head so big you can clamber inside it; they’re now turning their hands to making a giant Laser Cat, working with ADC and Kevin O’Callaghan on the project.

The feline sculpture will form its very own art show, though no white walls here – instead, the pieces will be projected from its big, beaming eyes onto walls, buildings and ‘perhaps even the moon’, says Hungry Castle.

Laser Cat projecting Keith Haring
Laser Cat projecting Keith Haring

Until the end of the month, submissions are being accepted in all disciplines including drawing, sculpture, painting, ceramics, film, photography and ‘cat photography’.

The works will then be projected by the cat at the Bass Museum Miami Beach at Miami beach next April as part of the ADC Festival of Art + Craft in Advertising and Design, meaning

Hungry Castle says, ‘We all got into this game because we loved art but many creatives have lost touch with their art because of the nature of the business. Laser Cat is hungry to change that.

‘The more art he’s fed the stronger he grows. One hundred submitted artworks gives him the power to project on walls, 1000 means he can cover buildings and if he’s fed 1,000,000 artworks then Laser Cat will be able to project art onto the moon.’

The 1000 artwork target has already been surpassed, meaning the works cat will definitely project onto the Bass Museum building.

Among the pieces already submitted are a suitably surreal and rather terrifying animation called HELL, by David O’Reilly, which can be viewed here

Other creatives and agencies that have submitted work include Ogilvy and Fallon. You can find out more about the project on the Hungry Castle site,

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