Supple creates red dot identity system for Art//Work Recruitment

Supple Studio has created an identity system for a recruitment consultant specialising in the arts by using a flexible red dot to reference the ‘sold’ signs in many galleries.

Art//Work Recruitment is a start-up launched by Nina Langford, formerly of London gallery Haunch of Venison, which places candidates in the art world from front-of-house to director level.

Supple was recommended for the project and tasked with creating an identity that would appeal ‘to both arty and HR types,’ according to Supple creative director Jamie Ellul.

He says, ‘Our solution was to make a virtue of the double slash in their company name – which was actually something they incorporated to register the trading name – creating an axis between the worlds of Work and Art; one creative and free and the other regimented.

‘The red dot was used as a graphic device in a nod to the red stickers used universally in galleries to show an art work as sold – so it was a neat idea that translated internationally.’

Art//Work Recruitment

A responsive website ( been designed and programmed by Tom Rogers and Chris Macdonald with Ellul providing art direction. Copy was provided by Jim Davies at Total Content.

The site has been designed with a simple interface and a lot of white space to meet the expectations of a ‘discerning audience’.

Copy is succinct as visitors will ‘no doubt be in a hurry’ says Ellul, who adds that the responsive design means that candidates can visit the site on mobile devices – ‘probably while at work for someone else. After all, looking for a new job is something you have to do discretely sometimes’.

Art//Work Recruitment

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