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1. Thomas Heatherwick plans to suspend ‘1000 tonnes of garden’ over the River Thames in London in his ambitious £150 million Garden Bridge plan.

Burrito Mama

2. The team behind Wahaca are launching new restaurant chain Burrito Mama , with branding by BuroCreative and interiors by Softroom.


3. Bulletproof has given Ritz crackers a new look, inspired by the brand’s designs from the 1950s.

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‘The idea of Space travel naturally brings to mind traditional rocket ships and the aerodynamic forms they command. However, the World View experience is not about speed, it’s about enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime journey.’ PriestmanGoode’s Nigel Goode on the consultancy’s plans to send manned balloon flights into Space .

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Illustrator Noma Bar has developed his Cut It Out project into new show Cut the Conflict . Bar uses maps, photos and other material donated by people in conflict hit countries to bring nations together using die-cutting.

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The People ’s new Pinterest-style layout , with readers able to ‘vote’ stories up or down the page, is certainly one of the more radical newspaper website designs we’ve seen in a while…

Design stories in the national press

The Independent reports on plans by Milton Keynes Council to introduce driverless public transport pods into the town by 2017.

The Mirror tells the story of third-division Brazilian football team Madureira, who have gained a cult following thanks to their new shirt design, which features an image of Che Guevara.

And the Guardian invites readers to submit images of the worst graffiti they’ve seen…

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