A new look for the Football Pools

SomeOne has looked to help “reignite passion” for The Football Pools, which is being pitched at a younger audience.

The Football Pools, initially known as The New Football Pools, formed in 2007 when Littlewoods, Vernons and Zetters – the three leading football pools brands – merged.

SomeOne executive creative director David Law says the brand had to connect with a new audience but also had to reconnect with the company’s workforce.

Law says: “We focussed all our attention on making The Football Pools more relevant for today’s player, while not losing the goodwill and feeling towards the Pools built over the last 91 years.”

A new proposition, It’s All to Play For, has been chosen to show “the unique experience” of playing the pools and also sets a standard for the organisation to work to, says Law.

SomeOne says it took a digital first approach to the identity in a bid to appeal to the younger audience more familiar with an app or on-screen programme guide.

The identity now features a football icon and elsewhere the hexagonal shapes found in a goal net have been applied as a background or a framing device for photography and other content.

Using Neo Sans as the digital typeface and applying an evening mode colour scheme helps enrich the identity says SomeOne.

A new responsive website is being developed by ThoughtWorks in Pune, India.

SomeOne has also designed printed communications and direct mail.

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