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Pizza Hut

1. Pizza Hut is launching a new identity in the US in what the restaurant chain says is its “biggest brand evolution ever”.


Source: JD Hancock

2. More than a third of UK workers could be replaced by robots in the next 20 years, according to a new report – but designers are among those least at risk and creativity will be a prized skill in the coming years.

3. Original Unverpackt (Original Unpacked) is a new store in Berlin that aims to dispense with all unnecessary packaging.

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Belgian artist Frederick De Wilde has created what he claims is the blackest painting in the world, using bundles of carbon nanotube. Here is it in all its glory.

Quote of the week


“Surprisingly it wasn’t difficult to deal with, it was something we had fun with. We were close to it for many months so to get that kind of response you might expect it to be disheartening but we all felt confident that this was the right direction for the brand in the long-term.” Airbnb head of art department Andrew Schapiro discusses the social media response to the company’s recent rebrand at a Design Week-hosted session at the Festival of Marketing.

Our favourite website


Publisher Read-Only Memory has written a book detailing the design history of Sega . You can find out more and buy the book on the publisher’s website.

Design stories in the national press

Tennis star Venus Williams is also an interior designer, according to Stuff in New Zealand.


There’s an interesting correction in the Guardian, which reveals when the term “graphic design” was coined.

Rodney Fitch

The Guardian has a great obituary of Rodney Fitch, written by Stephen Bayley.

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