Saffron to develop Lithuania’s national brand

Saffron Brand Consultants has been appointed to help promote the image of Lithuania as a thriving Baltic economic hub.

The group, chaired by branding expert Wally Olins, has been hired by the Lithuanian Development Agency as the country’s capital, Vilnius, prepares to become European Capital of Culture in 2009.

Earlier this year, Lithuania adopted a national brand associated with bravery, and Saffron will examine the possibility of translating this theme into economic and investment areas.

Saffron head of place branding Jeremy Hildreth says, ‘Lithuania was a sophisticated country that unfortunately got stuck in the Soviet Union for 50 years. It’s really finding its feet, however, and now is an exciting time for us to work with them.

‘Lithuania has a rich history and identity which will gives us the opportunity to create a brand that will help [the country] develop its economic image in a big way.’

He adds, ‘This is a country that takes pride in being different: they tore down a Lenin statue in one Vilnius square and put up one of Frank Zappa in another.’

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