Pearson Lloyd designs flexible new office environment

Pearson Lloyd has created an office furniture collection that can be assembled in a range of different combinations.

The Parcs range, for Austrian office furniture company Bene, has been unveiled at Vienna Design Week.

The range comprises Toguna (pictured), a circular half-open shape described as the world’s smallest conference room, Causeways seating, the Wing chair and Wing sofa, and the Idea wall.

Pearson Lloyd was commissioned by Bene two years ago to conduct research into ‘new working environments’. In response, the consultancy studied the behaviours and activities of workers, particularly when they are not seated at their desk.

The consultancy also sought inspiration from places in which people like to meet each other, such as Parisian cafés and the Spanish Steps in Rome. Pearson Lloyd partner Luke Pearson says, ‘We tried to find out what will trigger an emotional response in people that will make them feel like using a space for particular activities.’

Thomas Bene, board member of Bene, says, ‘Parcs creates co-operative and communicative zones in the office, promoting the staff’s wellbeing and productivity.

‘These areas are characterised by their relaxed atmosphere, encouraging the kind of spontaneous and informal communication that takes place at random places of encounter, such as in the cafeteria, at the water dispenser or in the common room.’

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