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Our weekly round-up of things we like on the Design Week news desk.

Norman Bates’ Motel

Psycho House

South London art collective The Vanishing Point has recreated everyone’s favourite lunatic Norman Bates’ motel from Hitchcock’s 1960 film, Psycho. This Saturday they will be hosting an ‘immersive screening’ of the movie, as well as showing some other terrifying short films from local directors. The experiential event in London’s Blackheath will also boast a free bar and a pianist, with organisers promising half-price tickets if you bring your mother. You have been warned. Click here for more information.

Fragile Constructs

Daniel Wallis, Dart, 2011

If you haven’t already caught the Fragile Constructs exhibition by Daniel Wallis at the Simon Oldfield gallery in Covent Garden, next week is your last chance. The exhibition includes a large-scale installation of fabric and wood spanning the gallery space, as well as a number of appropriated design objects that have been transformed into ‘constructions which question the tension between hidden strength and perceived fragility’, according to the gallery. The show runs until 9 November. Click here for more information.

Daniel Wallis, Dot III, 2011

Future Shorts


The folk behind Secret Cinema and Future Cinema are bringing us the Future Shorts series, which sees cinema fans given the reins to host their own film festival wherever and however they fancy. The programme aims to allow filmmakers the platform to communicate with a global audience – no matter how experienced they are – and currently takes place in more than 50 cities and 17 countries. The programme kicks off on 1 November, and you can find out more here

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