Hat-Trick looks to gaming for virtual art gallery branding

Hat-Trick has created the branding and graphics for a new online art gallery, using gaming as inspiration for the look and feel.

The gallery's cube identity
The gallery’s cube identity

The Paynes & Borthwick online gallery has been instigated by cultural group Futurecity for property developer Paynes & Borthwick, and acts as a precursor to a physical site aiming to open in Deptford, south London, by at the end of the year.

Once the gallery is open, the site will continue as a partner to the physical space, allowing viewers to see more pieces and delve deeper in the work of the featured artists.

Hat-Trick was approached for the project by Futurecity founder Mark Davy, having worked on a number of previous projects for the organisation.

Hat-Trick’s graphics and identity for the Paynes & Borthwick online gallery, which will also be used at the physical site, aim to combine the visual language associated with art galleries with that of gaming.

The cube device is used as a tool across the website
The cube device is used as a tool across the website

A moving cube logo is used to represent the idea of ‘virtual space’, with a changing configuration to allow it to be adapted to animated and print version.

A white and bright green colour palette is used against a black background, with a ‘simple but sharp’ modern sans-serif typeface, according to the consultancy.

Gareth Howat, Hat-Trick creative director, says, ‘The graphics aim to be very clean and simple. From our point of view it’s really interesting as we’ve never been involved in a project like this. It’s experimental for everyone.’

He adds, ‘The identity had to almost be really minimal. If you create something too strong or visual then it gets in the way [of the artwork].’

Rubedo's work is shown on the site
Rubedo’s work is shown on the site

The virtual gallery site was built by art practice Rubedo, which is also the inaugural exhibitor in the space. Future artists include Richard Wilson and Mark Wallinger.

The art is created to be viewed as three-dimensional pieces in real-time. Hat-Trick says, ‘Rubedo’s work inside the gallery takes the viewer into a fully immersive experience, which explores sound in relation to space, time and user interaction.’

The website
The website

The site was programmed by This is Tommy, and can be viewed here http://www.paynesandborthwickgallery.com

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