Forever Butt

“Pocket-sized, pink and super gay” Butt magazine is the brainchild of Dutch journalist Gert Jonkers and art director Jop van Bennekom.

Since 2001 it has offered a bold, independent and direct take on gay life (or, as the editors say “sex between men”) all packaged in the minimalist editorial designs of van Bennekom.

Butt specialises in candid interviews and (frequently NSFW) revealing photos of its subjects, who have included Marc Jacobs, Michael Stipe, Viktor & Rolf and Wolfgang Tillmans (who also photographed the cover for Butt issue one).

New compendium Forever Butt, published by Taschen, brings together some highlights from the hard-to-find early issues of Butt, showing the original layouts and photography.

It also includes a profile of Jonkers and van Bennekom which details their painstaking design process – six weeks to produce 68 pages.

Writer Paul Flynn, a frequent Butt contributor, says: “Producing an issue of Butt was not about taking a series of images and words, putting them in a certain order and expecting them to metamorphose into a magazine by the time the reader gets it.”

Forever Butt is published by Taschen priced at £24.99.

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