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Camera power

Are we really all photographer’s now? Brett Rogers, the director of The Photgrapher’s Gallery, doesn’t think sp – while also embracing the accessibility of the image-making process brought about by

Digital eye

Digital technology is the biggest revolution in photography since the invention of the camera, and for many artists and photographers this format provides an opportunity to create startling work, says

Forgotten faces

Much portrait photography reflects the glamour of wealth and fashion, but Clare Dowdy considers three projects of another kind, which capture the anonymous lives and hidden faces of the homeless,

Big shots

Roger Tooth has worked for The Guardian for more than two decades. He was quick off the mark using pictures online, recognising the need for good picture editing on the

Rising tide

The Prx Pictet rewards photographers whose work deals with sustainability – and photgraphy is the ideal medium to highlight the devastating impact that over-farming and rapid industrilisation can have on

Photography & Image

Things are changing fast in photography. It isn’t just the impact of technology – though the onset of digital cameras has long provoked a return to simpler techniques, such as

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