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Publishing in focus

For publishing, this past twelvemonth has been all about the iPad app. Financially straitened publishers have grasped the tablet app with both hands because it offers them a new payable model not seen since the Web lured them into working for free. But apparently, app design has a steep learning curve. This has been a […]

Pulp revival

Pulp revival

Thin, flimsy newsprint paper is making a comeback – a big favourite with students and established designers alike. Emily Pacey surveys the scene of publications that are making the most of newsprint’s ecological and economic potential

EyeWitness app

Early days

Apps are proliferating at breakneck speed at the moment, but there’s still a long way to go before we see the full potential of this emerging field. We ask a selection of digital industry insiders what their current favourites are

Peter Jones

Vellum wonders

No newfangled electronic book reader can compare to a delicately crafted, hand-bound edition of your favourite title. Emily Pacey marvels at what can be done with that age-old craft, bookbinding, when money is no object

Kuchar Swara

Where the art is

There is a definite art to art direction. Sourcing imagery, whether commissioning photography or illustration, using stock libraries or even creating something yourself, is one of the most important roles in the editorial design process. As Violetta Boxill, who redesigned Icon, notes, imagery is the first thing the reader or potential purchaser will notice, and […]

Jeremy Leslie

Appy talk

Despite enthusiasm from readers, sales of paid-for app versions of magazines have so far failed to set the world of publishing alight, but, says Jeremy Leslie, the future for this new medium looks bright

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