BAE Systems launches internal campaign

Multinational engineering company BAE Systems launches an internal poster campaign this week to encourage the use of IT as an efficient alternative to external meetings.

Blackpool-based design consultancy Think Creative was appointed to the project in July on the strength of a creative pitch and having previously worked with the corporation.

Think Creative, briefed to address IT efficiency, was asked to find ways to highlight more cost, time and ecologically effective alternatives than traveling to external meetings, such as video conferencing and the use of the Web.

The business drivers, according to BAE, are improved safety, environmental benefits and increased productivity.

The consultancy opted for a traditional graphics approach, developing an A3 poster campaign.

Think Creative managing director Paul Hough explains that the consultancy started to create the conceptual work about a month ago, after presenting three separate ideas.

The posters, which display the benefits of IT through figurative graphics, are being distributed this week.

The campaign will initially try to capture the attention of 350 executives working across 15 sites in the UK, before being considered for an international roll-out.

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  • Stephen November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    So let’s get this straight…

    In the interests of increased productivity and safety, and to be more ecologically sound. Rather than use an IT based campaign to get people on board, i.e. an article on the company’s intranet, or a company wide email campaign. They choose to print loads of posters on paper. OK the paper may have been recycled, but they will have to be shipped to all the sites. Someone will have to spend the time putting them onto the walls. They will ultimately have to be taken down and disposed of and hopefully recycled again. All of that time, effort and processing could have been avoided, and illustrated precisely one of the points they are trying to make.

    Sometimes I wonder what the people “thinking” these things up are on!

    One shouldn’t contradict a message with the method used to convey the message.

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