Final two shortlisted in London identity competition

The Greater London Authority is understood to have shortlisted Studio Conran and one other group in its tender to find a logo for London.

Outgoing Studio Conran managing director Sebastian Conran says he was expecting to hear whether or not his consultancy had won the Brand for London competition last Thursday, but the GLA failed to get in touch.

The tender has attracted heavy criticism from the design fraternity for asking groups to submit free creative work at the first stage.

Lambie-Nairn announced it would boycott the tender, and other groups expressed disquiet about the way it was being run.

However, Conran claims that Studio Conran merely ‘showed how we would work a concept’, preparing its bid over just three days.

Conran is also advising the Mayor’s office against a ‘splash launch’, and wants to make sure the public see the logo in context. ‘What makes a logo is how it’s implemented,’ he says.

Moving Brands published its rejection letter from the GLA on its blog on 7 September. In addition, The Partners has failed to make the shortlist, according to Conran.

The GLA declined to comment.

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  • Matt C November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Large agency = too much at stake to challenge this project perhaps?

    Maybe it would have been interesting to see a collaboration between a couple of studios – different sizes and approaches.

    Not easy to look after all the egos I guess, but can one, large, corporate studio really produce a visual brand that can sum up such a diverse city?

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