Reach rebrands Lyons Seafoods

Lyons Seafoods’ product range relaunches next week with new branding and packaging by Reach.

The food manufacturer appointed Reach about six months ago, briefing it to reposition the brand to make it more emotionally engaging and to differentiate it from the Lyons ice-cream brand.

‘This was one of our main challenges, since there are public misconceptions about the Lyons Seafoods brand,’ says a Reach spokesman.

During its research, the consultancy found that consumers view prawns as a ‘sophisticated foodstuff that they can be creative with’, according to a statement from Reach.

Lyons Seafoods’ product range includes six prawn products, as well as lobster, scampi, mussels and salmon.

Reach is redesigning packaging for the entire range of ‘about 40 SKUs’, according to a Reach spokeswoman, including as yet unlaunched products.

The new branding had to work across both the larger frozen and smaller fresh seafood packages, adds Reach’s spokesman.

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  • Marlon November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Visuals look good! From a product display point of view, it would have been best to place the window elsewhere. Who really wants to see crushed prawns in funny coloured water??

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