Blue Marlin repackages Carex hand soap

Blue Marlin has created new packaging for Carex hand soap, which will be unveiled this month.

The consultancy was briefed to develop a new pack structure and graphic design to reinforce Carex’s brand leadership and differentiate it from rival products.

The new design for the range – which includes original, aloe vera, sensitive, and bacteria-protect variants – aims to emphasise the brand’s caring qualities while maintaining a contemporary appearance.

A spokeswoman for Blue Marlin says, ‘Carex as a brand has always stood for killing germs while caring for your skin – hence the name Carex.

‘We dialled up and emphasised the caring nature of the brand graphically and structurally.’

The transparent bottles retain the square shape, but now feature a bevelled front and back. The design features a curving elliptical device and an arrow, demonstrating the brand’s germ-killing properties.

Blue Marlin structural creative director Guy Williams says, ‘The transparency and purity of the pack are a direct reflection of what is in it – Carex is a brand that people can know and trust.

‘The new bottle fuses the traditional efficacy that everyone associates with Carex with the more caring side of the brand that has been expressed through its formulations.’

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