City scene

It’s not often that you get to draw all over the outside of a train carriage without the transport police getting rather upset. But Cure Studio has done just that, after it was invited to decorate the outside of a 1960s 35 tonne train carriage on Deptford High Street.

For the project, Cure Studio has covered the train carriage with a collaboration from two artists represented by illustration agency Higginson Hurst, Chris Dent and Haniboi. Dent has created futuristic cityscapes for the 40m-long installation, and Haniboi has layered his eclectic and eccentric characters into the vista.

The work will be up for about six months, so if you make it down to Deptford, pop in for a coffee.

The Deptford Project is at 121 – 123 Deptford High Street, London SE8.

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