Ed Vaizey says Design Council review is ‘very positive’

Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries, says the review of the future role and status of the Design Council is ’very positive’.

The review has been conducted by Martin Temple, chairman of manufacturer the 600 Group and council member of the Design Council. Its findings have been handed over to Government and are expected to be made public in advance of the Comprehensive Spending Review due on 20 October.

Speaking at a London Design Festival event this morning, Vaizey referred to the public-sector cuts the Government is preparing to make, saying, ‘Overall, we are looking at 25 per cent cuts or possibly more.’

He says, ‘It’s a very tough environment and I understand the Treasury’s position – they have a very important job to do in reducing the deficit. The wider economic picture is very important, they are asking very tough questions and setting tough goals.

‘There will be certain things we’ll have to stop funding and definitely things that we want to keep going. In the arts, as [Culture Secretary] Jeremy Hunt says, we’ll be protecting the core. As far as the Design Council is concerned we have done a review and it was very positive.’

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