Heavenly-sent opportunities

The old adage that all publicity is good gains new potency when you look at what branding consultancy Heavenly has been up to.

We’ve reported on its bold ad campaign in the Financial Times before. But the Heavenly team can now confirm that the venture has done them nothing but good. ‘We’ve had a phenomenal response with some very high profile names contacting us as a direct result of it,’ says Heavenly commercial director Graham Barnetson.

And this isn’t all. It’s just mounted an outdoor ad campaign at a number of key sites. Starting at London’s Euston Station – just down the road from the consultancy’s office – it bears the strapline ‘Branding is a journey, not a destination’.

Heavenly campaign at London’s Euston Station

Oh, and then there’s that thorny issue of how do you promote a top designer whose name remains over the door at a previous consultancy without getting into hot water. Heavenly’s answer with regard to its creative head Martin Lambie-Nairn is – you guessed it –  another ad – this time in the trade press. ‘If you are looking for Martin …he’s gone to Heavenly’ reads the strap.

Barnetson refers to the three-pronged campaign as a ‘trinity’. Sounds like he’s in danger of taking the ecclesiastical references a bit too far.

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