JKR adds ‘classic English’ twist to Porkinson sausages

JKR has redesigned the packaging for Porkinson sausages, aiming to restore the brand’s ‘classic English’ identity by focusing on Porkinson’s creator, Norman Parkinson.

The consultancy was approached by Porkinson in July, having worked with it on a redesign in 2005.

The design features a prominent bow tie, which aims to embody fashion photographer Parkinson’s quintessentially English personality.

Daniela Nunzi-Mihranian, creative director at JKR, says, ‘The bow tie just really fitted – it delivers on the premium cues, and delivers great stand-out as well.

‘We really believe in the “brand first” philosophy. It just felt a bit eccentric and quirky, like Norman himself.’

JKR also wrote the on-pack copy, which tells the story of Norman Parkinson within gilt frames to reflect his ‘artistic, quirky’ nature, Nunzi-Mihranian says.

The new packaging will be rolled out across stores by the end of this week.

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