Lambie-Nairn works on Eurosport brand strategy

Consultancy Lambie-Nairn has been appointed to work on a brand strategy project for broadcaster the Eurosport group following a five-way pitch in July.

James Quayle, head of strategy at Lambie-Nairn, says the consultancy was chosen because of the clarity of thought demonstrated by its proposals and because of its strong credentials in brand development.

Quayle says, ’We are talking to people within the organisation, as well as to some of Eurosport’s affiliates and consumers, in order to understand what is at the heart of the brand and what we can do to take it forward.’

This will include an online survey of employees, consumer surveys, setting up qualitative research groups and face-to-face interviews.

Lambie-Nairn will be developing positioning statements and testing those across Eurosport’s five top markets – France, Germany, Spain, UK and Italy.

Although the project does not involve rebranding Eurosport, Quayle says that it will provide a major tool for moving the brand forward, covering online, iPad, mobile phone and HDTV platforms.

Quayle says, ’Eurosport has been a very successful business, but the marketplace is getting busier. It wants to secure and build on relationships with business partners, and to reach out and make sure that it is making the most of all the platforms that are available to it.’

Heather Bowler, global communications director for Eurosport, says, ’Eurosport has evolved to become a truly global multimedia sports entertainment group and our brand positioning needs to follow that same evolution.’

The first phase of the project will be delivered by the end of the year.

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