Shooting stars

There may not be much work out there, but in some respects it’s a great time to be an emerging designer, with so many organisations keen to highlight and harness fresh talent.

Two of the latest ventures to catch our eye this week were Onedotzero’s Cascade cross-discipline residencies – a repeat of last year’s scheme – and the Young Guns International awards, which celebrate their tenth birthday this year.

Participants in last year's Onedotzero’s Cascade scheme
Participants in last year’s Onedotzero’s Cascade scheme

Onedotzero is again setting up a week-long workshop as part of its Adventures in Motion festival that runs in London from 10-14 November. The aim is to challenge the status quo and look at new ways of working by engaging this year’s graduates across all creative disciplines in the project.

If you want to get involved, check out

The Young Guns award timescale
The Young Guns award timescale

 As for the Young Guns, if you count yourself as a ‘professional’ you have until Friday 15 October to put yourself forward to win a coveted Golden Bullet. Students, of course, enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle and so have more time to apply – until 5 November.

Even if you feel your work isn’t up to it, there’s a chance to engage with Young Guns. You can vote for your favourite in the Top 10 Young Guns winners over its life. Check out the website –

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