Will design for beer

Advertising agency Mother and Stella Artois have teamed up to run a competition that will no doubt get the mouths of numerous design students watering.

Run in tandem with the Stella Artois World Draught Masters – an annual event that challenges international participants to pour the perfect beer, the competition has tasked international students to create the perfect environment to house the event.

Consistent with the brand’s attempt to shake its lager lout image, Stella Artois has opted for a stylish French 1960s cinema-inspired theme for the celebration. Fashion students have been asked to design attire for the Créateurs de Beauté (bartenders to you and me), graphic designers have been tasked to create a limited edition chalice glass and industrial designers will be putting their thinking caps on to create the perfect beer font or dispensing system.

Judges for the competition include Design Week’s own Lynda Relph-Knight, Zandra Rhodes, Sea Design founder Bryan Edmondson and Seymour Powell creative director Neil Hirst.

Each winner will receive €1 200 (£995) and two runner-ups of each category will receive €600 (£497) – now that’s a lot of beer money. But hurry the final deadline is 15 September. To read the briefs visit the Design Competition website here.

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