Pocknell Studio creates Scandinavia-inspired designs for Shetlandeli

Pocknell Studio has created the branding for Shetlandeli – a range of artisan foods from the Shetland islands.

The Shetlandeli chutney range
The Shetlandeli chutney range

According to Pocknell Studio founder David Pocknell, the Essex-based consultancy was appointed to the project following a recommendation. It worked with Shetlandeli for six months to create the identity and packaging for the range.

The designs are inspired by Scandinavia, and use a graphic informed by an abstracted image of the island’s coast.

An abstracted illustration of an island's coastline
An abstracted illustration of an island’s coastline

Pocknell says: “The desire with Shetlandeli was to create something that not only stands out on the retail shelves but is a desirable product to have on your dinner table – something your friends pick up and admire, something that draws and excites the eye. 

“Referencing Shetland’s heritage was key, but so was articulating that Shetland is a contemporary, modern, vibrant place with the closest links to Scandinavia that can be found anywhere in the UK.”

The first Shetlandeli products to launch are all named using Shetland words, and include Valhalla ale chutney, Taing onion marmalade and Muckle Flugga piccalilli – named after one of the northernmost Shetland islands, where the UK’s most northerly lighthouse is situated.

One of the prints used in the progession of the designs
One of the prints used in the progession of the designs

Shetlandeli products will be initially available in a wide range of retailers throughout Shetland as well as through the Shetlandeli online shop. 

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