Vision 2010 Supplement

Carlo Irek, Editor, 4Corners Images

Photography – Carlo Irek – 4Corners

In a world suffused with digital imagery, where we’ve all got cameras at our fingertips, why bother with professional creative photography? But hold on, it’s not about technical specifications –

Still moving

The inclusion of HD video and digital SLR functions in cameras has democratised the photographic profession, and opened up new opportunities for clients and designers. John Stones asks if we’ll

Peter Tielemans

Print – Peter Tielemans

Many designers are now acutely aware of the need to select materials that are created from sustainable sources, and this is where paper – and, indeed, good old-fashioned print –

The long goodbye

With newspapers and album covers fast disappearing, and annual reports moving online, is print on its uppers? Not quite, says Michael Johnson. Self-publishing, specialist magazines and downloadable posters all suggest

Karina Beasley, Managing director, Gabriele Skelton

Recruitment – Karina Beasley

The next couple of years won’t be easy, but for those design consultancies that have had the courage to make some tough decisions and realigned their businesses, things should move

A chink of light

With clients, consultancies and recruitment agencies all reporting signs of renewed activity in the sector towards the end of last year, Anna Richardson tests the water to see how strong

Sue Pilgrim, Managing director, Mac People

Digital design – Sue Pilgrim

Interaction design has held out well during the recession, positioned as it is at the forefront of a seismic technological shift. However, 2010 could be the year when digital comes

Time to invest

Social media will start to take centre stage amid an explosion of digital activity this year, exploited by fmcg and media brands – and politicians, too – yet client expenditure

Interiors – Will Farr

Digital signage has the potential to transform building layouts and revolutionise internal wayfinding systems. The technology is almost there, but costs – and old-fashioned, inter-departmental office politics – mean that

Reality show

A new aesthetic, stemming from a greater awareness of sustainability and more imaginative use of technology, is taking hold in the world of interiors. John Stones reports on a discipline

Shannan Hodgson, Brand sustainability manager, Arjowiggins Graphic

Sustainability – Shannan Hodgson

Papers made from recycled pulp are now often as good as virgin stock – and they’re a whole lot better for your conscience. To move forward and increase take-up, we

A crucial shift

Designing in such a way as to minimise the use of resources is far from enough now, argues Gina Lovett. To safeguard our future, we need to rethink the whole

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