Royal Mail releases Comedy Greats stamps


The set of ten stamps has been designed by The Chase. The stamps feature comedy greats including Lenny Henry and the Two Ronnies and are being released on 1 April.


The Chase has designed a set of Comedy Greats stamps for Royal Mail, celebrating British comedians.

The set of ten stamps features comedians and acts including Lenny Henry, Victoria Wood and the Two Ronnies.

Royal Mail says the set focuses on performers who have emerged from the tradition of stand-up and sketch show artists, rather than comic actors.

Each individual stamp features two portraits of the artist or group as they are performing.

Among those shown on the stamps are Norman Wisdom, whose centenary falls this year, and Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, whose Not Only But Also TV series first aired 50 years ago this year.

Royal Mail vans in locations with strong links to the comedians will feature an image of the relevant stamp.

The set of stamps is being issued on 1 April alongside a specially designed postmark.

Andrew Hammond, head of stamps and collectibles at Royal Mail, says: “For decades, the UK has long boasted some of the most influential and significant comedy talent in the world.

“This set of stamps rightly pays tribute to the comedians who have made the nation laugh out loud at their ground-breaking comedy genius.”


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  • Andy Beckett April 2, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    Lenny Henry and Victoria Wood? Comedy maybe, but great’s pushing it.

  • Nick Cooke April 4, 2015 at 10:09 pm

    Lenny Henry and Norman Wisdom? No Les Dawson or Tommy Cooper?

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