Carpetright trials new “premium-look” brand and interiors

The flooring company is rolling out a new brand identity and interiors across four stores in Clapham, Reigate, Tunbridge Wells and Thurrock for a trial period.

Rebranded Carpetright store in Clapham, London

Carpetright is rolling out a new trial period visual identity and interior design, that shifts the brand’s focus away from price and discounts and towards choice and premium products, says the company.

The new look is rolling out across four stores this summer, having been implemented in the Clapham, London shop last week, and is set to roll out in Reigate, Tunbridge Wells and Thurrock in the coming months.

Carpetright - new logo
The new identity (top) and previous identity (below)
The new identity (top) and previous identity (below)

The company says it wants to achieve a “more relevant look and feel” within today’s retail market, without “alienating” its existing customer base.

It aims to shift its brand to showcasing choice and luxury products, while also keeping a focus on its “‘value’ proposition” as it is a “vital part of the brand heritage”, Carpetright says.


The company will be expanding its product range from carpets to “wider floor covering solutions” such as laminate, wood and vinyl tiles, and adding a new range of rugs.

The brand refresh follows a new website, which launched in April this year.

The brand and interior trial period will run for “a few months”, says Carpetright, before being evaluated to inform a decision about a full rebrand later this year.

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  • Ciaran Aherne February 7, 2017 at 10:23 am

    Nice identity, well overdue. Who created the rebrand for them?

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