Dyson launches humidifier

Dyson has launched a humidifier which uses its Air Multiplier fan technology and claims to tackle health issues around dry air and bacteria.


Dyson originally launched the bladeless Air Multiplier fan in 2009. In 2011 it updated the fan as a heater and is now launching the technology as a humidifier.

The company says it spent more than £37.5 million in developing the product, which went through 643 prototypes. There are 275 patents and 130 patents pending on the Dyson humidifier.

Dyson says its humidifier uses “Ultraviolet” cleansing technology to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria used in the product’s water.

It uses a climate control system to measure the temperature and moisture in the air, while a piezoelectric transducer in the base vibrates at up to 1.7 million times a second – breaking the water down into microscopic particles which are drawn up into the loop amplifier and projected.

Dyson says the machine can run for up to 18 hours on a single tank of water.

Dyson says: “It projects clean, hydrated air around the room evenly and quietly. Helping you keep healthy in the winter, and doubling up as a fan to keep you cool in the summer.”

Dyson is launching the fan in Japan, as it says humidifiers are “well-established” in the “health-conscious” country, where they are used to combat conditions such as chapped lips and dehydrated skin.

The Dyson humidifier will be available in the UK in March 2015.

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