Technology casts its spell

Don’t expect to see any ‘Do not touch’ notices on the Siemens exhibition stand at the Go Technology show in Vienna later this month. Interactivity is positively encouraged.

Designed by events specialist Arthesia, the stand introduces visitors to the German electronics giant’s various activities and encourages them to get involved.

In the white goods section, for example, a touch pad on the fridge causes dry ice to appear, suggesting cold, while neon is activated in the cooker to suggest heat as a fowl appears to cook.

Visitors to a section devoted to Siemens train and tram manufacturing arm Combino find themselves inside a full-scale mock up of a train cockpit, while in the medical section state-of-the-art X-ray equipment shows what’s happening inside a stylised human figure at points where you touch it.

There is a section on new power sources, such as hydrogen and water. The scope of the microchip is demonstrated by a ‘whirlpool’ of information focusing down on to a microchip. The chip works some of the exhibits ‘to bring the experience to life’, says Arthesia creative director Alex Ritchie.

A final section sums up the experience. Visitors will use hand-held electronic pads and a ‘magic wand’ to glean information.

The project is a collaboration between Arthesia Berlin and its new London office, Arthesia West. Ritchie worked on the concept with Arthesia West operations director Owen Snee, his former colleague at Imagination. The detailed design and project management is by Stuart Taylor, also of Arthesia West.

The demountable stand makes its debut in Vienna on 13-18 April. It will tour seven exhibitions, including one in Siemens’ hometown Munich, before ending up at the Hanover Expo in June 2000.

According to Ritchie, elements of the exhibition will change during the tour. It wouldn’t do for a forward-thinking company to appear static.

Design: Arthesia

Client: Siemens

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