The Royal Society of Arts hosts Ageing – the lifespan challenge on 7 April at 6pm. Gerontologist and designer Patricia Moore will talk about her experience of life in the guise of an elderly woman and her subsequent work as a designer promoting the RSA’s “design for all” campaign. Contact: the lecture office on 0171-930 […]

Merger means jobs go

Restructuring which followed the linking of Williams & Phoa with Grey Matter has led to two members of staff being made redundant.

Fitch agrees on share offer

The boards of Fitch and US group Lighthouse have agreed a recommended cash offer for Fitch shares. Unless a rival offer emerges, Fitch will be de-listed from the London Stock Exchange and become part of the Lighthouse group. See News Analysis, page 8

BT ponders on venture name

Proposals for the identity of BT’s joint venture with AT&T are being tested on the public through a series of focus groups. Names reportedly under consideration for the 6bn venture include Ignite, Vitality, Joule, Aereos and Inzeo, as well as more conventional options like Globecom and Concert. The name Concert is already given to BT’s […]


The University of Nottingham has had its conference venues rebranded by local group Cross Hill Conwill. The Business Software Alliance will target nearly 3000 design, printing and publishing companies as part of its BSA Crackdown 99 initiative. It aims to stamp out unlicensed use of software packages. Watchword, the magazine of Wildlife Watch, has been […]

Internet bank delayed

Plans to unveil the identity of Europe’s first entirely Internet-based bank have been delayed by regulatory issues. The Central Bank of Ireland has cautioned Dublin company Enba because it does not yet have the necessary licence to operate. Enba aims to clear the necessary regulatory hurdles and launch on 1 June, but details of the […]


PowerBreaker, the electrical circuit breaking range made by GreenBrook Electrical, is to have a packaging redesign. The revamp, by The Sandom Group, is partly aimed at preventing over-zealous DIY customers from damaging the packs when opening them to examine the goods. The new look will clearly reveal the unit on a blue and green background […]


Design Digital at the International Design Conference in Aspen, Colorado will examine the floating world of design in the electronic age from 16-19 June. Contact: the website at www.idca.org, e-mail to info@idca.org or telephone 00 1 970 925 2257.

Springetts in the air for Yoplait

YOPLAIT DAIRY CREST has renamed itself as YDC, introducing a new identity to represent all elements of the enlarged organisation following its acquisition of Raines Dairies last year. The new image has been created by Springetts. According to Springetts director Andy Black, “Whereas the old identity was purely functional, the new identity has been structured […]

Honesty the best policy for Bob Gill

‘You will see no progression whatsoever.’ – Bob Gill on his work, stretching from the 1950s to the 1990s. ‘I met two shipping clerks and I said, “You know, you could be designers if you smartened yourselves up”‘ – Gill on forming Fletcher Forbes and Gill with Alan Fletcher and Colin Forbes in 1961. ‘Then […]

National Centre for Pop is a bit hit, miss, maybe

Having hot-footed it back from a visit to the National Centre for Popular Music in Sheffield, I read Pamela Buxton’s review (DW 12 March) with interest. I found the Branson Coates architecture stunning and was able to view all elevations from my car, in differing light conditions, as I toured endlessly trying to find a […]

Tandy to appoint group

Tandy is close to appointing a design consultancy after being acquired by Carphone Warehouse in January. Tandy confirms that it plans to appoint a consultancy soon to overhaul its 270 UK stores. The Carphone Warehouse group is estimated to be investing 20m in refitting the chain.

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