BBA shortlists for literature job

The buying department of airport operator BAA is in the process of selecting a consultancy to carry out literature work for its internal communications.

BAA is believed to have drawn up a final shortlist of three consultancies – The Jenkins Group, Lloyd Northover Citigate and Lodge Design – from an initial pitch list of seven. The other groups include Dialogue, PSD and Metropolis 88, plus an unnamed consultancy.

Shaun McCarthy, who is running the project from BAA’s procurement department, declines to comment on any of the groups mentioned.

“We have to go through a complex tendering process, and details of whoever has been involved in that is confidential,” says McCarthy.

The project is “in support of BAA’s standardisation initiative”, says McCarthy (DW 24 May). “We’re looking to change the way the business buys things, and so the aim of the literature is to provide information which is clear and concise to people working within our organisation.”

Details of the winning consultancy will be available in two weeks, adds McCarthy.

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