1 August 1996

Floppy groins cause groans

The groan of the week was generated in the DW office by this invitation, designed by Evans May Partnership. A record attendance for the launch of a computer disk drive

WH Smith’s new look

WH Smith has approved Lippa Pearce’s graphic redesigns for its three English-language bookshops on the Continent. The Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam stores are managed by Waterstone’s but retain the identity

UK alliance of designers and educators needed

Contributions to your recent Education Supplement (DW 12 July) bemoaned educators for “mediocrity” and the “shambolic mish-mash” of modularity and claimed that there were “better lectures” in the Seventies. While

Scotland Museum picks team

Edinburgh consultancy Millhouse is the winner of a paid creative pitch against Graphic Partners to design a manual for the city’s new Museum of Scotland. Blue Peach, Graven Images and

Fortnum’s expansion

Upmarket department store Fortnum & Mason is believed to be looking at design groups to help with its expansion plans.

Childhood icons stamp their mark

In-depth, exhaustive and onerous research paid off for Glenn Tutssel when he was designing these stamps for Royal Mail. Entitled Big Stars from the Small Screen, the set of five

Spencer Landor deals with business @hand

Spencer Landor has designed the identity and layout for a newly launched management information publication called @hand. The bi-monthly publication will offer middle and senior managers in all industries a

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