442 Design gives visitors a slice of Our Dynamic Earth

Edinburgh consultancy 442 Design has created the design concept for a £350 000 ‘external gallery’ in the city’s Our Dynamic Earth visitor attraction.

The consultancy was appointed to the project following a pitch 12 months ago, and the gallery is scheduled to open before Christmas.

The space will sit inside a grass-domed amphitheatre in the grounds of the attraction, outside the main Michael Hopkins and Partners-designed exhibition building. Interactive kiosks inside the dome, designed by 442 Design with state-of-the-art 3D animation by Spring, will introduce the story of the Earth’s history in a Jules Verne-style journey through its strata, says 442 Design director David Dunn.

‘There are three different pods which show slices through the Earth, with model drills that house the kiosks. We worked with Our Dynamic Earth’s academic advisors to tell the story and then injected a bit of drama to make it more exciting,’ explains Dunn.

The exhibition is located close to the new Scottish Parliament, the construction of which has raised the design profile of the site and altered its landscaping, according to Dunn. To bring the gallery into harmony with its surroundings, 442 Design landscaped the area around the amphitheatre. ‘There was a lengthy process to obtain planning permission. It is a sensitive area now because of the Parliament building,’ says Dunn.

Funding for the gallery department has been secured from the Millennium Commission’s ReDiscover Renewal Fund.

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