1 December 2005


‘The ability to invent and develop new and original ideas, especially in an artistic way.’ This is the dictionary’s definition of ‘creativity’. A lofty ambition, and sadly, it has to

Inside track

What goes on behind the scenes of awards and what should aspiring designers be doing to maximise their chances in future? Design Week gathers the insightful advice of a handful

On the up

With demand for design expected to increase, the industry needs to build its strength and rise to the occasion, says Lynda Relph-Knight. Research by Michelle Reeve. With the publication of

Reaping the rewards

The Design Business Association’s Design Effectiveness Awards reward and promote work that is both impressive and commercially viable in the real world. Lynda Relph-Knight looks at who made the grade

Getting fresh

On the treadmill of routine, under the daily grind of deadlines and demands, it can be a challenge to come up with that incredible new idea or stunning creative direction.

Young blood

From prayers to cake-baking, this year’s crop of rising talent has a whimsical, conceptual and very international slant. Here Design Week showcases a selection of young award-winners from the past

Royal Museum revamp by Ralph Appelbaum

National Museums of Scotland is poised to announce the appointment of Ralph Appelbaum Associates to the £7m overhaul of Edinburgh’s Royal Museum. The appointment will follow a series of unpaid

Saturation point

The public are so media savvy that advertising doesn’t have any impact any more. Perhaps design should be put to better use, says Adrian Shaughnessy. The Guardian recently dispatched a

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