1 December 2005


‘The ability to invent and develop new and original ideas, especially in an artistic way.’ This is the dictionary’s definition of ‘creativity’. A lofty ambition, and sadly, it has to be said, there is very little totally ‘new’ or ‘original’ work being produced in abundance these days. At most, perhaps a handful of the 185 […]

Inside track

What goes on behind the scenes of awards and what should aspiring designers be doing to maximise their chances in future? Design Week gathers the insightful advice of a handful of seasoned judges.Product – Dick Powell – Director, Seymour PowellJudging competitions is huge fun – it’s a rare opportunity to talk with peers about good […]

On the up

With demand for design expected to increase, the industry needs to build its strength and rise to the occasion, says Lynda Relph-Knight. Research by Michelle Reeve.With the publication of the Cox Review imminent as we went to press, the industry’s officialdom were aglow with optimism for the future of design. Sir George Cox’s assessment of […]

Reaping the rewards

The Design Business Association’s Design Effectiveness Awards reward and promote work that is both impressive and commercially viable in the real world. Lynda Relph-Knight looks at who made the grade this year.Though Wolff Olins tops this year’s effectiveness chart, Lucid is the real success story here. Having come from nowhere to take third place, the […]

Getting fresh

On the treadmill of routine, under the daily grind of deadlines and demands, it can be a challenge to come up with that incredible new idea or stunning creative direction. Tasked with thinking of something new, invariably you end up pondering the old.It’s easy, for example, to begin to second guess long-term clients, to limit […]

Young blood

From prayers to cake-baking, this year’s crop of rising talent has a whimsical, conceptual and very international slant. Here Design Week showcases a selection of young award-winners from the past 12 months, whose names might feature in the Creative Survey tables in years to come.Mary Rose CookWinner of the BDC New Designer of the Year […]

442 Design gives visitors a slice of Our Dynamic Earth

Edinburgh consultancy 442 Design has created the design concept for a £350 000 ‘external gallery’ in the city’s Our Dynamic Earth visitor attraction.The consultancy was appointed to the project following a pitch 12 months ago, and the gallery is scheduled to open before Christmas.The space will sit inside a grass-domed amphitheatre in the grounds of […]

Eddie Stobart has done itself a grave injustice

I totally agree with Alan Herron’s comments about the new Eddie Stobart livery (DW 17 November). In one stroke, with their new design pizza, they have relegated themselves from the top of the visibility heap to languish, mid-table, in a very crowded, mediocre haulage market, with all the other also-rans. The design itself has something […]

Royal Museum revamp by Ralph Appelbaum

National Museums of Scotland is poised to announce the appointment of Ralph Appelbaum Associates to the £7m overhaul of Edinburgh’s Royal Museum. The appointment will follow a series of unpaid pitch presentations that have taken place over the past month, featuring a shortlist of six applicants, comprised of a mixture of individual design groups and […]

Saturation point

The public are so media savvy that advertising doesn’t have any impact any more. Perhaps design should be put to better use, says Adrian Shaughnessy. The Guardian recently dispatched a researcher to Oxford Street wearing a pair of ‘Eye Contact’ spectacles, a device that records and logs everything the wearer sees. The Guardian’s man wore […]

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