1 February 1996

Pricking myths about big dicks

Graphic designer Joe Lee-Brown doesn’t “play around with penises”, but he does “touch them up” – as part of his job. Lee-Brown designs page layouts for monthly magazines Vulcan and Zipper, which, he says, are absolutely not gay porn.

Spring action

The local teams were the stars of this year’s Cologne fair, with the Italians and Spanish caught between shows. Lynda Relph-Knight reports

DBA project manager resigns

The Design Business Association is this week considering expanding its staff following the resignation of its project manager Polly Hosp. Hosp, who has been at the DBA since 1992, is leaving at the end of the month to join the Design Council as design manager. She will work with design director Sean Blair. Her new […]

London group to promote UK in Hong Kong

The British Council has chosen London consultancy Wordsearch Communications to design a 100 000 exhibition to promote UK design in Hong Kong. Wordsearch won a credentials pitch this week. The decision was made by British Council head of exhibitions Christopher Wade, Architecture Foundation director Richard Burdett and independent design management consultant Jane Priestman. “The aim […]

Rosen sights Brand Vision

David Rosen is setting up a packaging design and marketing research group, Brand Vision. It will use a roster of five senior freelance designers, says Rosen. Rosen was made redundant from his role as a director of Design House in December for not meeting his new-business targets, says Design House client services director Lou Burrows. […]

Design fails to exploit tax gain

Design companies are failing to take full advantage of tax relief offered through profit-related pay (PRP) schemes, according to a new survey. Chartered accountant Binder Hamlyn surveyed design, PR, advertising and sales promotion agencies and found that a third of them have taken up PRP schemes, most in the past two years, compared with the […]

Go and spot talent at a grass roots level

I read with interest your editorial comment (DW 15 November 1995), and while I agree that the feelgood factor is indeed lacking, all is not gloom and doom. I invite you to take a look at what is happening in our schools. I often visit exhibitions – particularly of A-level design and technology – and […]


Henrietta House, designed by Building Design Partnership, has won the best new major development category in Westminster Council’s first Design for Excellence Awards. Turner Duckworth is designing the graphics for a new Bruce Oldfield shop in London’s Mayfair. Architect RKW and Oldfield himself are collaborating on the interiors. Northcross in Edinburgh has completed two exhibition […]

Labour sets stage with media centre

The Labour Party’s new 420m2 media centre in a former cinema opened last week with interior design by Insight Architectural Design. The media centre is on the ground floor of the party’s new campaign headquarters in London’s Millbank Tower. IAD worked around the building’s original podium, changing “drab colours, lighting and detailing of the interior”, […]

Gas companies review brands

Gas companies are in the throes of reviewing their branding as the Government erodes British Gas’s monopoly and allows suppliers to compete for domestic users. A pilot scheme in south west England begins in April when Amerada Hess, Total, Sweb Gas and Calortex will be able to compete with British Gas to supply 500 000 […]

MinTatt takes a load of stick

A sweet idea from Minale Tattersfield is fast hitting rockbottom at NatWest. The group designed this campaign for the bank to promote a special offer on personal loans.

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