Design role styling BIDs projects

A host of Business Improvement District schemes launching across the UK present significant project opportunities for design groups.

The nascent regeneration schemes can be set up as a partnership between businesses in a certain area. Pilot schemes are currently running across the country and many more are set to follow.

The Team created a marketing campaign for Better Bankside, a BID consortium for the Bankside area in south London that was approved by ballot last week. The Team managing director Julian Grice is hopeful that the consultancy will handle some of the ‘on-going communications’ between stakeholders in Better Bankside.

‘There are lots of opportunities for design consultancies in BIDs, from branding to environment developments in the area,’ Grice explains.

The Heart of London, a consortium covering the West End area, has also been approved. Crew Green designed the brand identity and strategy for Heart of London.

The concept for BIDs was ‘imported’ by the Government from the US, where it is already well established. There are currently more than 20 pilot partnerships running across the country and many – including those established in Coventry, Plymouth and Liverpool – are set to go to vote in the coming weeks.

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