Spontaneity, not strategy, is the key to creativity

Taking Ludwig Wittgenstein’s line “What is thinkable is also possible”, we at Vitamin Blue believe that creativity has to be liberated from commercial pressures (including other forms of pressures) to be at its best, to make the thinkable possible.

Opportunities are not found in conscious or deliberate thinking with an objective in mind, as is the case with many so-called design or creative “strategies”. Rather, opportunities, and threats, are found in spontaneous outbursts of sudden insights.

You may argue that present commercial realities do not facilitate this kind of utopian approach. But surely it is up to each individual and each agency to determine at what level of commercialism they want to operate.

On the other hand, you risk being taken for crazy or naïve if you have ideas that are too “far out” to be shared by a convincing majority.

I presume that creativity has two major limitations and they are both human, in the producing and receiving end.

Thomas Andersson

Vitamin Blue

London SE14

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